3 Pressure Points for Achieving Better Sleep

Researchers have classified insomnia as relating to the brain; anxiety and extreme stress have been identified as the number one causes.

The presence of this stress is said to limit the flow of energy around the body hence creating insomnia. This is where acupressure comes in: by applying pressure to the three essential regions mentioned in today’s post, you can restore energy distribution around the body and hence sleep like a baby. The pressure points are as follows:

Neiguan (Spirit Gate)

This point is also known as the inner gate or the spirit gate. Take three fingers from your hand and gently feel for a natural hollow located at the base of your outer wrist. The depression is located between the tendons in the hand.

Gently apply pressure at this point by moving your fingers in circles or in an up and down motion. Continue for about two to three minutes or until you slowly feel the stress start to ebb away. Repeat for the other wrist to obtain a stress-free, relaxing sleep


Shimien is another highly effective pressure point for insomnia sufferers. Locate this point by tracing a line straight from your ankle bone to the sole of your foot; you’ll find the position for Shimien exactly in front of the heel upon the straight line. Shimien is a soft spot and pressing it should not hurt – if it does then be sure that you’ve located the wrong place.



Anmien is also known as the sleep pressure point – its purpose specifically is to induce sleep. Anmien is located at the base of the skull, right behind the ear at the exact soft point where your neck muscles and jaw line connect. Apply pressure in this hollow with your index and middle fingers; continue for about 15 to 20 minutes to experience the sleep inducing effects of the Anmien.

For the people who regularly suffer, insomnia can truly turn into their body’s worst nightmare. But the pressure points outlined above have been proven to induce sleep and relax muscles. 


(images courtesy of https://www.massagegearguru.com