5 Natural (and Effective) Remedies to Beat Those Period Pains

Menstruation can be a buzzkill, but period pains are the worst. Cramps, bloating, and headaches are enough to ruin anyone’s day. Many women have to take over-the-counter pain medications in order to relieve the pain and get through a successful day. 

However, taking too many of those medications can cause complications. Likewise, some women may not want to take them at all. But you can still experience relief without the pills, by utilizing a few important natural remedies. Get ready to beat the pain, and rock your day!  


  1. Applying Heat

 Heat can be a beautiful thing. Heat therapy is used for many different kinds of discomfort. Sprains, sore muscles, sore joints, and many more are helped by applying heat. It is so effective that doctors even prescribe it to patients to relieve their pain. Period pain can also be improved using heat therapy. Taking a hot bath or putting a hot water bottle or heating pad over your abdomen or on your back can help tremendously to alleviate pain. 



  1. Ginger

 Ginger is a root that is found in candies, teas, and even as a supplement. Studies have shown that ginger has natural anti-inflammatory properties, so it makes sense that it would help reduce pain caused by menstruation. Keeping some ginger chews or hard candies can be a simple and effective way to reduce pain. If those are too strong, ginger teas can be a great alternative.


  1. CBD Oil

 CBD oil has been taking the market place by storm, and it’s easy to see why. CBD oil has healing properties and can help with many different things including pain relief. CBD oil comes in many various forms. Capsules are taken just like other medications, while lotions can be massaged into the skin right where you need to pain relief most. This is an excellent option for those who want to try something new that is effective.



  1. Essential Oils

 Essential oils have historically been used for many different reasons. Studies have shown that using a blend of cinnamon, clove, lavender, and rose essentials in an oil base can help relieve pain during menstruation. Just make sure not to put the oils directly onto the skin, as they are concentrated and need to be diluted. Massage can also be an effective way to relieve pain, so an excellent way to use this blend is to spend a few minutes massaging it into the abdomen or on your temples for maximum relief.



  1. Aculief

 Are headaches your primary source of pain?

Aculief is wearable acupuncture that has been shown to relieve headache pain. It is doctor approved and easy to use. It works by putting pressure on the L14 acupressure point. A study done by Johns Hopkins and the University of Maryland has shown that putting pressure on the L14 point reduces pain caused by headaches, and can even relieve other kinds of pain as well.  Aculief is used by many professional acupuncturists to provide an option for patients for self-treatment. It works quickly and provides effective relief naturally. Check out the website here to learn more!

Headaches, aches, and cramps are never a fun time. Using these methods, you can effectively relieve your pain naturally. Try some out during your next period and spend less time feeling poorly and more time getting on with your day.