Acupressure Mats: A Product for Your Healing Journey

When suffering from severe back or body aches, people curiously try to find solutions for their discomforts. Acupressure has been one of the most effective, trouble-free, and natural ways to get rid of such health issues. Putting pressure on the target points can help you elevate the pain. But because of the increasing popularity people are also looking for some helpful products to ease the journey. The acupressure mat is one of those incredible acupressure products.

There are many reasons people prefer using these beds of nails, as it seems. While not every individual experiences the same benefits, the mat is still worth trying because of its calming pain relief technology. The mat may seem to be a bit painful at first, but once you are done, you will feel much better. This is why it is a must-have for acupressure fans.


Benefits of Using an Acupressure Mat

Well, not much scientific approach has been made, but still, the mat has some common advantages that we will dive into throughout this blog.


Natural Pain Reliever

Being a natural way to elevate pain and discomfort, the mat is becoming a favorite of many people. It helps to reduce the pain from the specific areas, but it also soothes the entire body for the desirable feeling. Furthermore, there are no proven side effects of using this mat, and it is quite easy to use for any individual.

Relaxes Stiff Muscles

If you are experiencing sports injury or stiff muscles, what are you waiting for? An acupressure mat will be the best possible solution for your tight or rigid muscles. As a result, you will also be stress-free.

Easy to Use

Even if you are a newbie to the acupressure journey, it doesn't matter because an acupressure mat will help you. The mat is highly durable and easy to use. Anyone can use it without any difficulty. You won't even need any guidance if you know about the target points. Sit, lay, or stand on it to experience the most tranquil feeling in just a few minutes.

What Health Issues an Acupressure Mat can Treat?

Apart from its overall benefits, the mat is highly recommended for various health problems, some of which include the following.

Highly Effective for Chronic Pain

Lying on the bed of spikes sounds horrible, but these acupressure mats relieve your chronic pain like no other product. In addition, these mats are highly effective for backaches because you can lie on them easily while feeling relaxed. Some people may find it a bit difficult to lie on these tiny plastic needle-like structures, but in the end, they will be amazed to experience quick pain relief.


Works for Migraines

Not only for your obstinate back pains, but it is also made for your migraines. Yes, you read it right; these mats will help you get rid of those annoying migraines by lying or standing on them straight. It will be a relaxing therapy to lessen the effects of migraines while giving you a peaceful sensation.

Treats Insomnia

When your muscles are relaxed, and the pain from your body parts is alleviated, you will naturally feel calm. This wonderful feeling can only be achieved with an amazing acupressure mat which we now carry at Aculief. You can also use a pillow with a mat to enhance the overall benefits.


How to Use an Acupressure Mat and a Pillow?

Using an acupressure mat with or without a pillow is an easy procedure, but we will guide you clearly to make it more understandable for you:

Step 1: Relax yourself and set your mat on a flat surface. If you want to use an acupressure pillow, you can place that too on the mat for entire body therapy. You can adjust the pillow as needed.

Step 2: Lie on the mat while adjusting your body until you feel comfy and relaxed.

Step 3: Stay on the mat for about 20-30 minutes, depending on the intensity of your pain. Stand slowly to avoid injuries or discomfort. Don’t forget to keep breathing during the session.

Some people even prefer placing the pillow under the mat. And if you want to sit and enjoy the treatment using a pillow only, then sit on a chair with the pillow adjusted at your neck.

How often and for how long should you go for acupressure mat therapy?

Every individual is different and requires a specific time to treat body aches. But the average time you should spend on the acupressure mat is about 20-30 minutes. But, again, the time for using it depends on your pain intensity and comfort level. If you are not feeling comfortable, you can end your therapy whenever you feel like it. Whereas, if you are relaxed, spend a peaceful time of 30 minutes on it. Moreover, start with a good 4-5 minutes and increase the time gradually after a week.

Try spending some healing time on this mat once a day or twice a day to get effective results. You will be stunned to notice the instant pain reduction, which is why people are going crazy for these mats.


How Can You Target the Pressure Points with a Mat?

These mats are specifically made for back, neck, head, and shoulder pains. But you can also try soothing other organs by standing on them. There are several ways to use these pillows for targeting different acupressure points. For example, you can stand on it while keeping your knees up or down; or sit on it for relaxing lower body therapy. Moreover, you can lie on it for an aesthetic feeling around your neck, back and shoulder.

Migraine can also be treated while standing on these mats. Hence, you can utilize the mat for a complete acupressure treatment at home without requiring a specialist to massage.


Final Verdict

An acupressure mat can be efficacious and helpful for people with a history of back and neck pain. Not only this, but the mats can treat various health problems, including insomnia, anxiety, stress, high blood pressure, stiff muscles, body aches, migraines, and even skin problems. Using these mats for acupressure improves your blood circulation leaving your body relaxed and energized. If you are looking for a mat for yourself, or other acupressure and all natural pain relief remedies, visit