Acupressure Points for Acid Reflux

If you’ve ever had acid reflux, you know that it is an uncomfortable condition that can make life quite painful. Between the burning sensation in your chest and throat, dysphagia, bloating, and burping, acid reflux can greatly reduce your quality of life. It is also a very common condition. In fact, the National Institutes of Health estimates that 20 percent of people suffer from acid reflux while researchers at Cedars Sinai estimated that 33 percent of the population periodically suffer from the condition. Additionally, many people continue to have some symptoms even with treatment.


For those wanting a natural solution to acid reflux or who still suffer from symptoms after other treatments, there are many options. One popular treatment is acupressure points. These derive from the meridian points in Chinese and Indian medicine which are points that can be utilized to exert influence over different types of symptoms and problems within the body. Here are some acupressure points that can help reduce the problems associated with acid reflux.



Top of Foot below Big Toe


The LV 3 pressure point is known as Tai Chong, which translates to “The Big Surge.” A big surge may actually be a good descriptor of what it feels like to have acid reflux sometimes; however, this acupressure point will help relieve symptoms. It lies on the liver meridian line. In addition to helping with acid reflux, this point can help with other issues with the digestive system including constipation, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. It is also useful for headache, dizziness, and anxiety.


Finding this point takes a bit of practice. Begin by sitting where you can easily reach the top of your feet. Place your thumb between your big toe and second toe and then move it about an inch and a half to two inches down the top of your foot. When you feel an indentation, you’ve reached the LV 3 spot. Provide roughly one minute of firm pressure. Do this with one foot at a time.


Between Belly Button and Sternum


This is an excellent point for relieving acid reflux. It is known as CV 12 or Zhong Wan which translates to “Middle Cavity,” a perfect description of the point’s location. You’ll find this one the conception vessel meridian. It is known for creating harmony within the stomach. Thus, in addition to helping with acid reflux, this point also helps with vomiting and general stomach pain. It can also be helpful in improving a person’s overall mood and energy level.


A bonus of this acupressure point is that it is incredibly easy to find and trigger. It is located halfway between your belly button and the lowest part of your sternum. If you are familiar with chakras, this is also known as the solar plexus chakra. Use your index and middle fingers to apply mild pressure for three to five minutes. You want to make sure that you don’t apply too much pressure. If you feel uncomfortable, relieve pressure a bit. During this time, make clockwise circles.  


Below Kneecap


ST 36 lies on the stomach meridian and can exert significant influence over symptoms arising from acid reflux. This point is called Zu San Li, which translates to “Three Mile Point.” It is one of the most common points used for treating issues related to gastrointestinal discomfort and can also be quite effective in treating nausea, stress, and fatigue, meaning that triggering this acupressure point can have some additional benefits.


This is a fairly easy point to locate with a bit of practice. It is positioned four finger widths below the bottom of your kneecap. Once you locate the area four finger lengths below the bottom end of the kneecap, you will want to move your finger about an inch to the lateral side of your body. If you move your foot up and down, you should feel a muscle move outwards beneath your finger. If you feel this, you are in the right spot. Press downward on this muscle for five seconds at a time. Once complete, trigger the point on the other leg.


Temple behind Lower Ear


The G6 pressure point is another useful one for providing relief from acid reflux. This point is very useful for helping with acid reflux problems in the throat area. It is useful for many other issues as well, having been found to help with toothaches, colds, fever, tremors, and eye pain.


To find this point, place your fingers at the bottom of your ear lobes. Next, measure two finger widths towards the back of your head. This is the G6 acupressure point. Stimulating this point involves applying firm, steady pressure for up to two minutes using your fingertips. Many people find it useful to use your thumbs instead as this makes it easier to reach this point.



Inner Wrist


Another effective acupressure point for acid reflux is P6, which is known as Nei Guan, which translates to “Inner Closure.” This point is commonly used to help with nausea, motion sickness, headaches, and carpal tunnel pain; however, it has also been found to be useful to reduce the symptoms of acid reflux.


This is a very easy acupressure point to trigger. To begin place your hand palm up. You will find this point three finger widths below the wrist. Here, you will feel two tendons. The point is directly in between the two. This is a rather sensitive point; thus, you will want to provide light but firm pressure while massaging the area for about five seconds. Once you finish with the first arm, switch to your other.



Final Thoughts


Acid reflux is a very uncomfortable condition that many people suffer from. Even treatment with over the counter medicines sometimes do not fully address symptoms. Utilization of these acupressure points can help people to relieve many of the symptoms and discomfort associated with acid reflux, providing a natural form of wellness and healing. Trying these points to determine which ones are most effective can be useful for many people who seek to lessen the effects of acid reflux. So next time you feel your acid reflux kicking in, try these pressure points and skip the chalky tablets and medicine.  

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