Everything You Need to Know About Hand Acupressure


One of the great things about the design of your body is that there are acupressure points all over it that serve to tap into your body’s systems, helping provide relief from a variety of ailments. This was first discovered by Chinese medicine and remains an important way to gain relief today. While you will find acupressure points in a variety of places that interact in distinct ways, one of the most significant places is your hands. There are several acupressure points in your hands that serve a variety of purposes. Let’s take a look at some of the most important ones.




While there are a variety of different acupressure points found on your hand, this is one of the most important. The LI-4 point, Hegu, is located between the base of your thumb and index finger. It is effective for a variety of things including basic pain relief and helping stop headaches. It is a very multi-faceted acupressure point, which is why it is perhaps the most important one to know of all the points on your hands.


To find this point, simply place your thumb and index finger of one hand together where the thumb and index finger of your other hand meet. This is the point. Triggering this point involves pressing down for approximately five minutes at a time. You want to apply firm pressure but not to the point that it becomes uncomfortable. You may also benefits from applying pressure in a circular motion. Once you finish with one hand, repeat the process on the other. You can trigger this acupressure point as often as needed for pain relief. Typically several times a day can help with chronic headaches.



Luo Zhen


This acupressure point’s name translates to “fall off pillow,” which sounds a bit odd until you realize what this acupressure point is for. Luo Zhen is utilized to help relieve the pain caused from a stiff neck. Thus, when you sleep poorly and wake up with pain and stiffness in your neck, triggering this acupressure point can be an excellent way to help provide some rapid relief.


It is a relatively easy acupressure point to find and trigger, as are most on your hands. This one is located on the back of your hand, so you’ll want to hold your hand palm-side down in front of you. Place your finger from one hand between your index and middle fingers on the other hand. Now, slide your finger down towards the wrist just past the first knuckles you encounter. This depression is the acupressure point. Utilize firm pressure with small circles for approximately two minutes. Utilize opposite sides. For example, if your neck pain is on the right side, trigger the point on your left hand.


Yao Tong Xue


How many of us struggle with lower back pain? This is one of the most common complaints in terms of pain. The Yao Tong Xue acupressure point can provide assistance for this. It is particularly helpful with acute lower back pain caused by strains or sprains. It works on the same side, so trigger your right hand for right back pain.


Yao Tong Xue is actually not one but two distinct points, both located on the back of your hand. While holding your hand palm down, you’ll want to place one finger between the second and third metacarpals and another between the fourth and fifth metacarpals. You’ll find these points roughly halfway between the wrist and the knuckles. Place gentle pressure on these acupressure points for approximately thirty seconds in order to effectively trigger them.





The Shenmen point, HT 7, is one of the primary acupressure points found on the heart meridian and has a wide array of effects on the body. It is more frequently referred to as the Spirit Gate due to the wide number of things that it controls. Here, you will find the ability to help with anxiety, insomnia, and other emotional and sleep-related issues. This is also one of the easiest locations to find and trigger.


To locate the Shenmen acupressure point, begin by holding your hand with your palm facing you. You will find this point on the opposite side as the thumb at the point just below the wrist. You will want to gently yet firmly press down in this area for up to two minutes at a time. Circular motions can again be applied. Trigger this point every few hours to promote relief and better emotional balance.




The Houxi is a great acupressure point whose name means “back stream.” This is an effective point for a variety of things relating to the neck. Specifically, you will find that the Houxi acupressure point assists with the relief of neck pain, earaches, and headaches, particularly those that occur towards the back of your head.


This is another relatively easy point to locate and trigger. You will find that it is located towards the outer part of your hand in the depression just below your pinky finger. Hold your hand palm up and trace your finger down the outside edge of your pinky. Just about half an inch to an inch below where it connects to your hand, you’ll feel a depression. This is the pressure point. Apply firm pressure for up to 30 seconds at a time. Once done, switch hands.



Final Thoughts


These are four of the most prominent acupressure points that are found on your hands. While there are many more than can be used to help with a variety of things, these four points provide a great overview as a starting point to utilizing aspects of acupressure with your hands.


For those who particularly struggle from headaches and other things that the LI-4 (Hegu) acupressure point assists with, consider our wearable acupressure clip that can trigger the point for you while you go about your daily routine. This is a useful tool for those who suffer from frequent headaches and migraines.