Gut Health for Migraine Relief

You may never have heard that a healthy gut proves beneficial to prevent migraines. This might sound odd, and you may be perplexed to learn that your gut health is related to your brain health, but it is.  An unhealthy gut can ultimately lead to migraines.

A human body is comprised of a complex network of various connections performing their functions, while helping or triggering other glands or organs to perform. There is a connection between your gut and your brain called the gut-brain axis. Biologically, they both are connected through neurons and send signals through impulses and neurotransmitters.

In this article, we will walk you through the gut-brain axis, what gut health for migraines is, and how you can help cure your migraine through your gut.  


What is Gut-Brain Axis?

A gut-brain axis is a two-directional linear pathway in a body, building a connection between your brain and the intestinal duct.

Communication between the brain and the gastrointestinal gut occurs through impulses, neurons, neurotransmitters (chemicals triggering the brain activity, such as dopamine), and inflammatory chemicals like cytokine.

There are two ways suggested in research for this communication:

  • The microbiomes present in the gut initiates neurotransmitter transmission to the brain through the blood.
  • A direct pathway through the vagus nerve builds a direct link between brain and gut and works to change expressions of receptors present in the brain.

What is gut health for migraine?

Our body contains a lot of microbes such as bacteria, fungi, viruses etc. A total of 2.2 pounds of microbes are present in the gut; these are called microbiota. That being said, it is possible that not all bacteria is good or suitable for your body and can deteriorate your physical being.

This may vary for different people. But if any variation occurs in the genome of microbiota (called the microbiome), it can lead to gut problems.

When the disease-causing bacteria enter the gut, there are many chances of decreasing healthy bacteria, ultimately causing gut complications. When this happens, the neurons present in the gut sends messages to the brain through neurotransmitters which trigger the action. And if this prolongs, then it can lead to a migraine.


What can trigger a migraine?

Before delving into how to relieve migraines, it is essential to detect what can trigger them.

It has been observed that apart from the hormonal fluctuations, food with a high amount of sodium and MSG (monosodium Glutamate) may cause migraines. Other causes may include specific medications, sleeping pattern changes, weather changes, stress, and alcohol consumption.

Studies show that women as compared to men are 3 times more likely to have migraines. This is mainly due to the drop in estrogen women experience around their monthly cycle or when they are pregnant.


What can you do to relieve your migraine?

It is necessary to get rid of a migraine by adopting strict measures. However, if it is prolonged, it can lead to other diseases like anxiety, dementia, Alzheimer's disease, and many more. And the leading cause for all of these can be your unhealthy gut and the disease-causing microbiomes present in it. Curing your gut may help preemptively avoid more health issues in the long run.



Treatment for a healthy gut

Here are ways you can adopt as a self-treatment at home to keep your gut healthy and ultimately curing your Migraine:

  • Involve intake of fibers in your daily schedule.
  • Take supplements that you are deficient in, like vitamin D or omega 3.
  • Get a healthy and balanced diet in your routine, ensuring intake of fruits, milk, etc.
  • Boost your immune system with a healthy diet.
  • Take probiotics to get rid of microbiomes and to get back your gut health.

Probiotics to Cure Migraine

It is proven by research that probiotics are beneficial and have a significant effect in decreasing the intensity of Migraine. But the question is, what are probiotics?

Probiotics are live bacteria, just like the healthy bacteria present in the gut naturally, but they are inserted into a body to replenish the deficiency of those. You can take daily to add to your diet.

They can help keep a solid gut by expanding the variety in bacterial species, essentially replacing harmful bacteria with a healthy microbiota.

These can be present in the food readily available at your home:

  • Yogurt
  • Kefir (a fermented milk drink)
  • Supplements like Bio-Kult Migréa


Benefits of Probiotics

  • Probiotics intake can help re-establish and re-balance the excellent variety of your gut microbiome.
  • They support the bacterial equilibrium, which helps fix and restore your gut balance.
  • Probiotics also help to reduce inflammation in the brain and become a barrier for any harmful substance or microbe to come into the bloodstream.
  • They have a good effect on changing your mood and relieving you from anxiety and Migraine.


Food to Help Counter Migraines

According to a study, a plant-based diet comprising of the following proved effective in triggering Migraine for adults:

  • Yellow, green and orange vegetables. E.g., carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes.
  • Brown rice
  • Springwater, tap water or carbonated water
  • Non-citrus fruits, e.g., cherries
  • Maple syrup and vanilla extract are natural sweeteners
  • Fresh meat that is not processed smoked and has tenderizers also are Migraine safe—specifically, meat-rich in Vitamin B-2 such as red meat and Salmon.
  • Grains and mushrooms are also a rich source of Vitamin B-2.


Bottom line

Keeping a sound and healthy gut with a good residence of microbiota in the gut is significant not only for mental health but also for your well-being to function well.

But a noteworthy point here is to ensure healthy gut health for migraines. The more we focus on gut health, the more we can assist in relieving our brain from pain. This should be possible with quality food intake and taking supplements and probiotics to eliminate harmful bacteria present in your gut.

Ensure good health for your gut, and guarantee back stress and migraine-free head. A Healthy gut leads to a happy head!

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