Discover the Benefits of Acupressure Wrist Bands


Acupressure is a type of wellness technique that is based on traditional Chinese medicine which focuses on using pressure to remove blockages of energy. One of the reasons that acupressure has been used for so long is simply because it works. In fact, research has shown that it is effective for helping reduce many maladies. Acupressure wrist bands are a great tool for leveraging the power of this technique. Let’s take a look at these wrist bands and how they work.


What Is an Acupressure Wrist Band?


Essentially, an acupressure wrist band is a type of bracelet or band that is worn on your wrist in order to help apply pressure to acupressure points. Specifically, the bracelets are often used to target the P6 acupressure point.


Many people prefer to use acupressure wrist bands because it is a much easier way of triggering pressure points than doing so with manual stimulation. These bracelets help provide reliable relief by helping engage acupressure even when you are busy.


What Does the P6 Acupressure Point Control?


The primary point that is targeted by an acupressure wrist band is the P6 point, which is also referred to as Nei-Kuan. This translates to “inner viewing,” which makes sense when you realize how many things this acupressure point can influence. The “P” in the P6 translates to the pericardium channel, where the point is found.


Locating this acupressure point is relatively easy. Simply take your hand and hold in in front of you with the palm up. Next, place the first three fingers of your other hand on your wrist just below the beginning of your hand. Without removing your three fingers, place your thumb just below your index finger, near the center of your arm. This is the P6 acupressure point.


Traditionally, activating this acupressure point involves using your thumb to press on the point for about three minutes. It is important to press very firmly but not so firm enough that it hurts. Then repeat the process with your other wrist. However, many people may not remember to stop and do this or may have difficulty actively triggering the point. This is where the acupressure wrist bands can prove incredibly useful.



What Does an Acupressure Wrist Band Help With?


The P6 acupressure point actually controls a lot of different things, which means it is a very effective acupressure point for addressing a number of issues. Let’s take a look at some of the things that the acupressure wrist band can help with.


Nausea. Perhaps the most frequent thing that the P6 point is used to treat is nausea. For people suffering from chronic nausea, an acupressure wrist band can be an incredibly valuable tool to improve their quality of life. It is able to help relieve nausea from a variety of causes, making it a well-suited treatment. In fact, its ability to treat nausea has even been proven through randomized clinical trials in medical journals.


Motion Sickness. Many people suffer from motion sickness. Whether this comes when riding in a vehicle, on a plane, or in a boat, this can be a condition that can really put a damper on your day. The P6 point is very effective in helping to treat motion sickness, often providing fairly quick relief in being able to reduce the effect. Thus, an acupressure bracelet can be an important helper to bring along when you think you may experience this issue.


Vomiting. This is an incredibly unpleasant reality of life. Vomiting is often associated with nausea; thus, it is not surprising that the P6 acupressure point is effective in helping control it. Utilizing an acupressure bracelet can help reduce the tendency and desire to vomit. This can be an effective took particularly when sick with a stomach bug.


Post-Operative Pain. Research has shown that wearing an acupressure wrist band for the first twelve hours after surgery increases the level of comfort experienced by patients. This research suggests that an acupressure bracelet that triggers the P6 pressure point is an effective alternative to prescription drugs for some patients.


Anxiety. An increasing number of people suffer from anxiety. Fortunately, the P6 point is also shown to help produce a feeling of calmness. In traditional Chinese medicine, this was referred to as “calming the Shen” or “unbinding the chest.” Wearing an acupressure wrist band can reduce symptoms associated with anxiety such as rapid heartbeat and tightness in the chest.



How Do I Wear an Acupressure Wrist Band?



Wearing an acupressure wrist band or bracelet to help control symptoms such as nausea, anxiety, and motion sickness is relatively easy. In fact, you can use it with just a few quick steps. First, simply find your P6 point using the three-finger technique described above in this article.


Be sure to keep track of the P6 point. The next step is to place the bracelet on your wrist with the button pressing against the P6 point. You will want to ensure that it is tight enough to trigger the point but not so tight that it causes pain or discomfort. Once you have completed this process, repeat it with your other hand. Triggering both points at the same time is an effective way of ensuring you receive maximum benefits of this technique. You can wear the bracelet as often as you would like as long as it is not uncomfortable.


Where Can I Get an Acupressure Bracelet?


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