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Do you know that there are pressure points on the body that will relieve pain, anxiety, stress, etc.? There are even headache acupressure points too! 
Most people will rub their temples when they have a headache, but does that really work? Aculief is a company which came up with a little tool to help people get relief from headaches, stress, etc. Now, this gadget was sent to me to review and test out so I put it to the test. I had multiple people in my family wear it to really get a sense of what this little tool can really do. I am putting the Aculief acupressure tool to the test. You may want this headache acupressure points tool, but before you buy here is what you need to know.


Aculief is a handy silicone tool that gets placed between the webbing of your thumb and pointer finger like shown below.
headache acupressure points
This is actually where your Ll 4 pressure point is located. Johns Hopkins did a study for in 2011 that found with proper stimulation, this point can be helpful in relieving headaches, eye pain, toothaches, jaw pain, etc. This gadget hits the headache acupressure points perfectly and snugly. At first it was a little too much pressure, but after watching the provided YouTube link on how to place the tool, it fit perfectly and comfortably. I highly recommend watching the YouTube link that is provided on the insert and not just trying to replicate the photo on the box. It will work and feel much better if you follow the video demonstration.

Here is a quick rundown of the pros/cons:


  • compact design to take anywhere
  • simple but effective acupressure point tool
  • relieves headache/migraine pain quickly
  • relieves other pains as well
  • multiple color options
  • different sizing options available
  • kids and adults can use (not if pregnant though)
  • can use while going about your day (driving, working at computer, etc)
  • waterproof
  • comfortable design
  • can adjust pressure by stretching
  • multi-pack options available
  • all natural and drug-free relief
  • durable design and material

    • not for pregnant women
    • does leave markings after wear, but goes away within minutes



    Speaking of sizing, there is a kid/small size and a regular/large size. In all honesty, the regular size will fit most hands. That size fit both my husband and myself. The kid/small size did fit my smaller hands, but it was not comfortable to wear for long and I could not go about my day using my hands with the small size without it moving around or slipping off. So I recommend getting the regular size if you plan to wear while doing other lifestyle things. I even had my kids try it on. Granted they do not get headaches, but I wanted to see if the fit would be helpful for other parents whose kids may get headaches either from screen time, especially during distance learning. This fit my oldest well. She is 5 and the kid size fit her hand well (shown below). But my youngest’s hands were a little small for the tool. She is 3. The Aculief website says kids can wear this tool as well, but personally I would say young kids (under 4 maybe) would have a hard time with this tool fitting properly. Here is shown the difference between my 5 year old vs my 3 year old wearing it and the placement on their hands in the kid size.

    headache acupressure points
    Obviously this is all depending on the sizing of your child’s hand, but use these photos for reference. Personally I think it would be great for kids who are stuck in front of a screen all day and if they suffer from headaches. 

    Bonus: the kid sizes leaves a little smiley face imprint afterwards and my kids loved that and called it a “stamp”.


    My overall thoughts of this product is that it is a great, compact tool to take with you anywhere for fast headache/migraine pain relief.
    I love that you can wear this product while doing normal daily activities and it does not stop you from living your life.
    Quick relief so you can go about your day without letting another headache get you down.
    As busy parents, or really anyone, we don’t have time to stop and deal with a headache pain and sometimes medication just doesn’t work or you don’t want to rely on medication every time you get a headache, especially if you get them frequently, so I highly recommend trying out this product.