Relaxing Mother's Day Gifts

It’s that time of the year again. Time to show your mom, or the mother figure in your life, how much you appreciate her. If you’re in a pinch to find a gift, look no further. We’ve curated a list of amazing gift ideas to help shower her with love and make her feel relaxed, no matter how busy she may be.


  1. Take Her Out to Dinner or Brunch

It can be exhausting planning almost every meal for your family. So today, why not give your mom a break from the planning and take her out to a restaurant. Whether she prefers brunch, lunch, or dinner, she’s sure to appreciate any meal you treat her to. Choose a restaurant she loves going to, or, pick a new restaurant that you both can experience together! Remember, Mother’s Day is one of the most popular restaurant days, so it’s always a good idea to plan and make reservations ahead of time, otherwise you may end up unable to find a restaurant to accommodate you.   Be sure to check under upcoming events and deals because many restaurants offer special Mother’s Day Brunch and dinner deals.



  1. Flowers


Flowers are a great gift idea even if you do not live nearby your mother. You can simply order a bouquet of flowers to be delivered to her with a card. If you live near her, you can hand deliver the flowers. Either way, they are sure to put a smile on her face and maker her feel appreciated. Alternatively, if your mother loves to garden, you can get her potted flowers that she may want to replant in her garden. Check out your local flower shop, grocery store, or home improvement store to find a selection near you!



  1. Essential Oils

It’s no secret mother’s have a lot on their plate. Why not get your mom a gift that can help her relax and destress at the end of a long day? Aculief offers an array of unique essential oil based products that can help your mom relax from sprays to balms and even our My-Relief Essential Oil Roll-On that can help relieve migraine and headache pain!  Our essential oil products are all $24.999 and under for quality essential oil products she’s sure to appreciate.We also recommend the essential oil Shower Steamers from Dew Well to give her that at home spa feeling.  Each box includes 15 shower steamers, individually wrapped to preserve freshness. Choose from lavender, tea tree, or eucalyptus scent. 


  1. Weighted Eye Mask

Help your mom catch up on her sleep with our super soft Weighted Eye Mask. Moms are expert multitaskers, but lack of sleep can lead to low energy and ultimately lower productivity.  So why not help your mom try to catch some sleep this year? A weighted eye mask can help relieve pain from headaches, sinus pain, eye strain and more and even help with night-time restlessness.



5. Acupressure Mat

Gift one of our amazing Acupressure Mat & Pillow Sets to your mom this year to help her find balance and alleviate pain. Acupressure mats offer numerous health benefits from improving sleep quality, relieving stiff or sore muscles, to even increasing your overall energy. With over 7,000 pressure points,  ouracupressure mat offers full coverage relief that can help her unwind and find balance at the end of a long day.

6. Spa Day

Treat your mom to a spa day this Mother’s Day! Whether you decide to buy her a gift card or bring her on a surprise spa trip with you, she’s sure to love this gift idea.  From facial treatments to various massage options, and even nails, there’s plenty of options to choose from to make your mom feel pampered and fabulous.  



7. An Experience

Switch it up this year and gift your mom tickets to a local event near you. Some ideas she may enjoy include tickets to a concert, a cooking class, flower arranging, wine & paint night, a yoga class, and more!  The possibilities are endless. Opt to go with her to the event to spend qualtiy time with her, or, let her bring a friend. Your mom will appreciate the thoughtful gift.



 8. A Gift Card

Last, but certainly not least, the classic gift card. Buy your mom a gift card somewhere she can spend time relaxing or doing something she loves. Who wouldn’t want an excuse to go to their favorite store, coffee shop, salon, restaurant, or elsewhere?


We hope this list helps you find the perfect gift for your mom this year., just don’t forget about the card!

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