The Internet Exploded Over This Woman's Cure For Migraines

According to the NHS, around one in every five women are affected by migraines.

People have lots of different ways of dealing with migraines, from eating the right foods to just a good ol' fashioned ice pack...but one woman found a method that has not only worked well, but also went totally viral on the internet!

Elizabeth Hayes explained that she had a terrible migraine, and after searching online for relief, she came across the concept of Wearable Acupressure. After finding and ordering the real device, she decided she might as well rummage through her kitchen and find a way to test out the method with a tool of her own.

Here are the results, in her own words:

Her post has now been shared almost 300k times!

Elizabeth added, ‘I decided to order the real thing...Just wanted to share this with everyone, as I know many of you suffer from migraines also.’

The device she's referring to is Aculief Wearable Acupressure, which has been featured by everyone from Buzzfeed to The Doctors:


It works by utilizing the LI4 Acupressure point, which has been used for thousands of years to relieve headaches and tension. Pressure on this spot releases endorphins (your body's natural pain reliever.) 

Some of the comments in the post mention their own experiences with the LI4: 

"I discovered this technique some years ago and do it for myself and others by just using my forefinger and thumb in a circular motion over the nerve. It really works for a headache."

This method is super ideal for those of us who prefer to skip the pills and prescriptions when we can. It's all-natural, has been used for centuries, and works for people all over the world!