The Most Common Migraine Triggers and How to Treat Them

We all know someone who suffers from migraines. While migraines seem to come out of the blue, there are actually numerous different triggers that could be causing them. It could be that you are sensitive to certain triggers like food or stress, for example- the list goes on! People who carry the issue within their genes or have already seen minor symptoms should be aware of their triggers. Learning more can help prevent these headaches in the future and make them a lot less painful too. All you need to find out is what sets them off, or what your migraine triggers are.


Although the list is quite long, it doesn’t mean that everyone suffering have the same triggers or that what works to relieve your migraines will have the same outcome for your friend's migraine.  Let's have a look at what could be some triggers for your migraines and what you can do to ward them off.


Figuring Out The Triggers For Your Migraine


The faster you track down your headache triggers the quicker you can get rid of this disorder.


  • Stress


Stress is the most common trigger for headaches. When you feel stressed, your body releases chemicals such as cortisol and norepinephrine which can make a headache more likely to happen. Being irritated, annoyed, and tired while being stressed is found to be the most common cause. The stress could also be emotional, financial, or due to a change in your life.  A migraine is notorious to top off the existing tension & discomfort with a throbbing pain.


Additionally, slouching with your shoulders drooping and neck bending forward or backward can add to and even cause the pulsation in your head. Our Neck and Shoulder Relaxer is a great antidote to your slouching and uneasy neck and stiff shoulders.




  • Sensory Triggers


If your friends who suffer from migraines deny a trip to lay on the beach or by the pool on a sunny day, don’t be too mad at them. Bright light may be a trigger for their migraines.   Migraines are often triggered by overwhelming sensory stimuli like bright lights, flashing lights, busy patterns, or extremely loud noises.


Not all people with migraine or headaches suffer from photophobia, an abnormal sensitivity to light, however some do. A condition called "photophobic migraines" is where someone is sensitive to the effects of visible lighting, like sunbeams and other types of illumination, not associated with the chemicals in our brains causing a migraine.


As far as its solution is concerned, lightly tinted glasses may help to reduce the strain on your eyes and hence save you from the discomfort of migraines. You may also want to try relaxing with an eye mask, like this one, to block the light while your migraine softens. 



  • Missing Out On Quality Sleep


Late-nights and parties are all fun and games until a deadly migraine attack hits you and ruins your day or week. It's not just a saying that quality sleep matters, because it does and sleep deprivation has been found in 80% of those suffering from headaches, such as cluster or migraine pain, which can lead to a cycle of sleeping even less. 


Sleep is as important to your well-being as fueling your body with healthy foods and water is, but many people don't get enough of it and others struggle with various sleep disorders. Our Weighted Eye Mask is an amazing tool that relaxes eye strains and blocks the lights to help you sleep better and longer.




  • Diet


If you're looking for ways to live a healthier lifestyle, consider cutting back on the nitrates in your diet. Cured meats like hot dogs and cold cuts can trigger headaches for some people because of their preservatives with added Nitrate compounds that may lead them down an unhealthy path if not careful. Not only this, extreme caffeine intake and a sudden withdrawal can cause intense migraines too.


However, taking a minor amount of caffeine in any form can actually be helpful with migraine discomfort. Caffeine causes blood vessels to constrict, which is what leads to the pounding pain of migraines. Without caffeine in your system, these arteries will widen and bulge out with each heartbeat-making you feel like someone's rhythmical drum solo just hit. To minimize this trigger, people should gradually lower their caffeine consumption. Following that, ginger tea may help in clearing up the stomach and inflammation, hence relieving the pounding migraines.



  • Hormones


Estrogen fluctuations can cause a person’s brain to become more excitable, which could lead them into experiencing intense migraine episodes. However, this is something that happens when hormone levels go wild and the up-down occurrence can trigger a migraine. When estrogen decreases before menstruation or after menopause occurs, studies have found there to be a correlation between decreasing amounts of hormones. This doesn't mean that it can only happen to women, although it is three times greater in women than men. Men can experience the same due to low estrogen levels at times. 


Hot showers and essential oils are an easy way to help with chronic migraines. They come in many different scents and can be used topically, internally, or even diffused for aromatherapy benefits- especially during your menstrual cycle. Aculief offers several essential oil based products that may offer relief.  




  • Lifestyle Changes


Routine plays a rather important role for our brain and within a period of as little as 5-7 days, you and your body settle in a routine. A change in your habits, such as sleeping and eating patterns, is surprisingly one of the factors that can trigger a migraine. Who thought sleeping a little too long can activate those migraine cells? Your migraine head likes to stay as stable as possible with routines. Even dehydration can lead to a painful attack if not properly replenished with water throughout your day. Alcohol or too much caffeine consumption - both of which dehydrate - could trigger a migraine as well. 

We hope this article helps you identify at least one of your migraine triggers so you can avoid it in the future. For more all natural headache and migraine relief, head to to find a solution that works for you!