Relieve Pressure, Relax, and Find Balance

Therapeutic benefits that you can actually feel! The acupressure points on the mat help release the tension in your muscles and aid your body in natural healing. This easy-to-use acupressure mat may stimulate the body's circulatory, lymphatic & hormonal systems. It comes with an ergonomic pillow that provides coverage and support for your neck and shoulders.

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Benefits Of Using The Acupressure Mat

Suffering from severe back or body aches? Acupressure has been one of the most effective, trouble-free, and natural ways to get rid of such health issues. Putting pressure on the target points can help you elevate the pain. Check out the benefits of using the Acupressure Mat!

Natural Pain Reliever

Being a natural way to elevate pain and discomfort, the mat is becoming a favorite of many people! It helps to reduce the pain from the specific areas, but it also soothes the entire body for the desirable feeling.

Relaxes Stiff Muscles

If you are experiencing sports injury or stiff muscles, this is for you! An acupressure mat will be the best possible solution for your tight or rigid muscles. As a result, you will also be stress-free!

Treats Insomnia and Migraines

These mats will help you get rid of those annoying migraines by lying or standing on them straight. It will be a relaxing therapy to lessen the effects of migraines while giving you a peaceful sensation. When your muscles are relaxed, and the pain from your body parts is alleviated, you will naturally feel calm.

Easy to Use

The acupressure mat is highly durable and easy to use. Anyone can use it without any difficulty. You won't even need any guidance if you know about the target points. Sit, lay, or stand on it to experience the most tranquil feeling in just a few minutes.

Bring With You Wherever You Go

Easy to use and portable! Everything comes tucked into one bag for easy storage at home, the gym, and on the go! Keep it clean after every use with a removable cover. The perfect way to treat yourself after stretching and pushing your muscles to the max!

Pinpoint Your Pressure Centers

Target your whole body with more than 7,000 points of acupressure, giving you full coverage of all your tension areas and allowing you to find relaxation and balance. A great home-based self-healing option. It also helps assist your body circulation, improve blood flow, and reduce congestion.

How To Use An Acupressure Mat

You can use an acupressure mat with our without a pillow! Here's how:


Relax Yourself

Set your mat on a flat surface. If you want to use an acupressure pillow, you can place that too on the mat for entire body therapy. You can adjust the pillow as needed.


Get Your Body Comfortable

Lie on the mat while adjusting your body until you feel comfy and relaxed. You can also sit on a chair and enjoy the treatment using a pillow only!


Lay For 20-30 Minutes

Stay on the mat for about 20-30 minutes, depending on the intensity of your pain. Stand slowly to avoid injuries or discomfort. Don’t forget to keep breathing during the session.

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