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Relief makes people happy. That is the foundation for what has become Aculief: a destination for drug-free pain-relief. Our mission is quite simple: empowering people through a pain-free lifestyle where everything centers around you. Truly, nothing makes us happier than making you happy and pain-free — and showing the world what a drug-free pain-relief relief company can be.


We're excited for you to start your medication-free pain-relief journey. Before you start, here are some common questions we see.


Should my Aculief rest against my hand?  

Space between the Aculief and your hand is OK as long as pressure is applied to the LI4 pressure point.  

The most critical contact should be between the bottom of the Aculief and your LI4 point. 


Where do you wear your Aculief? 

To locate your LI4 pressure point 

Step 1: Take your thumb and press it into your index finger. It will make a bulge. 

Step 2: Your LI4 pressure point is located at the top of the bulge. You should not be placing Aculief on your bone but on the fleshy part of your hand. 

Step 3: Place your Aculief on your hand so that it applies pressure to your LI4. 

You can wear your Aculief on either hand. 


Who is Aculief for? 

Aculief can be used by people suffering from headaches, tension, health imbalance or discomfort. Aculief can promote natural wellbeing and circulate the body's natural energy. 

Aculief can be worn from 5 minutes to several hours depending upon your preference. 


How much pressure should I feel? It left an imprint, is that normal? 

  • It is normal to see a small imprint on your hand where the Aculief has been applying pressure - it will subside once the Aculief has been taken off for a few minutes.  
  • If you experience pain or discomfort discontinue use immediately.  
  • The Aculief will press firmly on your acupressure point causing you to feel a dull sensation.  
  • Aculief is susceptible to stretching slightly after wear, simply remove and let it snap back into place. 


How do I know if my Aculief fits? 

We currently offer three different sizes: Regular, Small, and X-Small/Kids. When on your hand, your Aculief should be pressing firmly on your LI4 pressure point. Make sure your Aculief is on your pressure point, if higher up it will press on your bone causing discomfort and possible bruising. If your Aculief is sliding around it may be an indicator it is either too large or not on the correct spot on your hand. 

Please refer to our sizing guide to determine what size will be best. If you are not satisfied with your size, we offer free exchanges. 


Don't love your Aculief? We offer free exchanges and a money back guarantee. 

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