Confused About Acupressure?

As the conversation around over-medicating continues to grow in places like the United States, more and more Westerners are cautiously returning to natural healing solutions. 

But mixed in with thousand-year-old traditional practices, are a growing number of strange schemes that might not actually do what they say. And because of this, many folks who would rather not take more medication, are finding difficulty in being able to trust the alternatives.

This is what led us to start this blog. We want to educate Westerners on the real thinking behind these practices. It is our goal to properly sort out the traditions from the facts, and the facts from the myths.

The New York Times reported last year, that “An increasing number of Americans — typically older ones with multiple chronic conditions — are taking drugs and supplements they don’t need, or so many of them that those substances are interacting with one another in harmful ways.”

More and more studies are being conducted on the effects that we are creating for ourselves, by taking medications on a consistent basis for our entire lives. And to be honest, the results haven’t been great. Findings show that one in five users of headache medication admit to exceeding the maximum weekly dose (Boston University.) And there's a good chance that most of us might not even know what that maximum is. 

It get's worse for pain patients. A separate article from the New York Times states that "The vast majority of medical difficulties pain patients encounter, result from the use and abuse of pain-reducing medications that are sold over the counter."

It's beginning to seem like Westerners truly don't understand the effects of their medications, and especially if that medication was sold to them without a prescription.

This is why we believe that educating Westerners on natural healing practices has never been a more important, or timely mission than it is right now.

We hope you’ll join us as we explore and explain what for some may be a “new” means of healing, but that in reality, has been here with us all along.

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