Everything You Need to Know About Aromatherapy Sprays

Aromatherapy is the natural way of therapy that cures a person's mind, soul, and body with the help of aroma. It is based on the use of essential oils isolated from plants to enhance our physical and psychological well-being. Treatment with essential oil has gained a lot of popularity in the late 20th century and is also popular in the 21st century.  The basics process of aromatherapy is inhalation and the external application of these oils to treat mental and physical balance. Aromatherapy relieves the stress, makes him a fresh and capable individual for the next day's work

Do you know about Essential Oils?

Some plants that produce valuable and effective chemicals that keep rodents and insects at bay and fight infectious agents on their own are called essential oils. Essential oils are essences extracted by steam distillation or cold press from various plant components such as leaves,  flowers, stems, fruit, and roots. They are a highly concentrated oil that boosts physical and mental health.


How Do Essential Oils Work?

When these oils molecules are inhaled, they go to the limbic system through the olfactory system, which processes emotions, moods, feelings, and memories. When the brain receives these messages, neurotransmitters such as endorphin and serotonin are released. These neurotransmitters form a link between our neurological and other body systems, causing the desired changes and providing a sense of relaxation—release of endorphin, serotonin, and noradrenalin results in calmness and stimulation effects in mind and body.


The best way to use Essential oils:

Essential oils are a wellness tool, helping with everything from anxiety and stress to PMS. Roll-on & Sprays are the most convenient to use, but not all essential oils are safe to use on your skin (or ingest).  Using a spray is one of the simplest and safest forms to use essential oils. Room spray revitalizes your favorite spaces in seconds and provides long-lasting freshness. This is the go-to method to renew your bathrooms, bedrooms, bed linin swiftly, and even car interiors.

Benefits of Essential Oils Spray:

  1. Cognitive function improvement

The use of essential oils for stimulating the brain is very common. Recent research has also shown that various forms of essential oils can alleviate anxiety and aggression, applies to patients with cognitive problems. (1) Essential oils activate olfactory receptors that cause a person's brain's emotional impact.



  1. Increase Energy

Research has shown that some essential oils boost energy and help to relieve fatigue. Essential oil increases oxygen levels in your brain, which in turn makes you feel relaxed and refreshed. (2)

  1. Strengthen the immune system & fight infections

Some essential oils contains chemicals that help destroy pathogens, such as terpenes, ketones, and phenolics.(3) Other oils have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, including ginger, lemon, cinnamon eucalyptus.

  1. Improve hormonal balance

Essential oils can help with agitation, mood swings, restlessness, and many more unpleasant symptoms are induced by continuously fluctuating hormones. Essential oils may also theoretically control testosterone, thyroid, estrogen, cortisol, and progesterone levels. (4)

  1. Reduce anxiety and enhance mood

Many individuals who suffer from persistent anxiety benefit from essential oils. Lavender oil has been studied the most and had been found most beneficial in emotional and neurological conditions.(5)

  1. Induce Sleep and Relaxation

Lavender, again, has been researched the most and found to enhance sleep. (6). It's probably the first essential oil you think about when it comes to sleep and relaxation. 

A significant number of results demonstrated the beneficial effects of lavender and other essential oils for sleep aid and moderate sleep disturbance prevention. There were also no reported adverse reactions by using the oils.



  1. Reduces Muscle Tension and Migraines

Body pain and migraine diseases are common annoyances for millions of people every day. Migraine people experience many appalling symptoms such as intense pain, muscle hardness, dizziness, nausea, and weakness. Essential oils may help relieve anxiety and treat the migraines and symptoms associated with stress. Peppermint oil contains menthol used to treat migraines.(8) Regarding pain and body issues, peppermint and lavender oils are used to relieve pain and inflammation. 


After learning more about the benefits of aromatherapy, you may be interested in purchasing essential oils. Be aware that the FDA does not regulate essential oils, so the quality and ingredients in each product can differ from one manufacturer to the next. Some essential oils and blends may contain additives that have harmful side effects. Be sure to do your research and purchase from a reliable company.

The good news is Aculief now offers two essential oil based sprays:

  • Mood Boost Spray

The stresses of life and work can cause you to fall into a lull. Boost your mood with essential oils and give yourself an instant pick-up with our Mood Boost Spray! In a few spritzes you can benefit from a quick boost of energy. 

  • Easily apply to your body, clothes, your car, at the gym, or wherever you need a quick pick-me-up
  • Soak in the natural effects of Orange, Juniper Berry, Lavender, Frankincense, and German Chamomile
  • Enjoy in our take-anywhere bottle
  • Safe to use, non-toxic, & paraben-free


  • Magnesium Pain Remedy Spray

If you are suffering from muscle aches and pain and you don't want to turn to OTC medication, try an alternative remedy. Essential oils are one of the best natural ways to ease the pain, like our new Magnesium Pain Remedy Spray. In a few spritzes you can start to find natural relief!

  • Easily apply to your body and massage into painful areas for quick results
  • Soak in the natural effects of Lavender, Orange, Ravintsara, and Juniper Berry oils.
  • Harness the tension-relieving power of Magnesium, which helps relieve pain directly in the receptors of your nervous system
  • Enjoy in our take-anywhere bottle
  • Safe to use, non-toxic, & paraben-free

To summarize..

Essential oils as aromatherapy, offer natural solutions to a multitude of ailments as an alternative to OTC medications.   When properly used, essential oils can treat common problems and associated symptoms. They have been constantly helping people with discomfort, tiredness, anxiousness, sleep problems, and damaged hair and skin. You should only use essential oils as recommended and always contact your doctor if you want to start a holistic approach.













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