Five Acupressure Points for Anxiety Relief


Many people have dealt with anxiety at one point in their life or another. Some people have mild feelings of anxiety when presented with situations that might make them feel nervous. They may experience a racing heart, sweaty palms, and a quick adrenaline rush. Other people may experience more intense symptoms of anxiety, like a constant feeling of panic and worrying, restlessness, and nausea. While anxiety can certainly be treated in therapy, there are other ways to help you relieve your anxiety symptoms: like acupressure.


Anxiety is our body’s way of responding to stressful situations, like the many situations people are facing all around the world as this pandemic continues. It can present itself as fear, panic, or worry. Many people experience anxiety when presented with stressful or nerve-racking situations, like going to a job interview or presenting in front of a large crowd. These feelings of anxiety are normal. These feelings come and go. However, there are a few people who experience chronic anxiety throughout their everyday lives.


When somebody is struggling with chronic anxiety, they typically feel anxious, worried, or fearful all the time. People who struggle with chronic anxiety, otherwise known as an anxiety disorder, usually begin to withdraw from their relationships, activities they enjoy and living their life.


The good news is acupressure can help. Acupressure is a form of therapy with roots in traditional Chinese medicine. Acupressure uses the energy form within your body, known as the “qi,” in order to heal and provide relief from a multitude of ailments you may be experiencing, including ailments that may be affecting your mental health, like anxiety.


You can find relief from symptoms of anxiety through specific acupressure points located throughout your body. Let’s take a look at which acupressure points can help you find relief from your symptoms of anxiety.


Yin Tang: The Hall of Impression Point


This point of your body is located right in the center of your eyebrows. Applying pressure to your hall of impression point can provide you with anxiety and stress relief by working to calm the spirit. Applying pressure to this point may also help relieve certain symptoms of anxiety, like relieving restlessness, headaches, and a cloudy mind.


One can utilize this point by:

  1. Finding themselves a comfortable position to sit in and closing your eyes
  2. Touching the pressure point between your eyebrows with your thumb or index finger
  3. Taking slow, relaxed breaths as you apply pressure in a circular motion
  4. Doing this for around five minutes, or until you find relief.


Ear Shen Men: The Heavenly Gate Point


This point of your body is located within the upper area of your ear, right at the tip of the triangular-shaped hollow there. Applying pressure to this powerful point has been linked to relief from symptoms of anxiety and stress, including restlessness and insomnia.

One can alleviate their anxiety using this point by:

  1. Finding the spot in your ear. It may be helpful to look in a mirror to do so.
  2. Applying a firm but gentle pressure to the area in a circular motion.
  3. Continue doing so for two minutes or until you find relief.


Gall Bladder 21 (GB-21): The Shoulder Well Point


This acupressure point is located at the highest point of the shoulder muscle. You can find this point by pinching the muscles of your shoulder between your finger and thumb. This point has been linked with stress relief, muscle relaxation, and relief from headaches, which are all symptoms of anxiety.


One can use this point by:

  1. Locating it through pinching your shoulder muscle between your middle finger and thumb.
  2. Applying a gentle but firm pressure to the point with your index finger.
  3. Massaging the point for a few seconds until you begin to feel relief from your anxiety symptoms.


Heart 7 (HT-7) The Point of the Spirit Gate


This point is located within the crease of your inner wrist, on the side of your little finger. You can find it in the hollow located at the base of your inner wrist, near your little finger. This point has been linked to healing emotional imbalances, quieting a restless mind, settling a worried soul, releasing chest tightness, and strengthening one’s joy and connection.


To use this powerful point:

  1. Locate it within the hollow of your inner wrist, on the side of your pinky finger.
  2. Apply gentle, but firm pressure to the point.
  3. Continue massaging the point for a few seconds until you begin to feel relief from your anxiety.


Liver 3 (LR-3): The Great Surge Point


This point is located on your foot, right in between your big toe and the smaller toe next to it, about two pointer finger widths away from the toe’s webbing. It lies within the hollow that is located right above your bone. This pressure point has been used as the point to relieve feelings of anger, stress, and irritability. This point regulates your qi flow, allowing relief from feelings of tension and pain. If you are experiencing physical symptoms of anxiety, like worsened menstrual cramps, headaches, or digestive issues, this point can be used to relieve that pain.

You can utilize this powerful pressure point by:

  1. Finding the point between your big toe and the toe next to it and moving your finger two pointer finger widths down until you find the hollow above the bone.
  2. Apply firm and deep pressure to your point, massaging it.
  3. Continue to massage the point for five seconds or until you feel relief from your symptoms.



Acupressure is a powerful tool for relieving the symptoms you are experiencing from anxiety, whether they be emotional symptoms like sadness, irritability, or depression; physical symptoms, like a headache or muscle tension; or interruptions in your sleep, like restlessness or insomnia. Here at Aculief, we work to help you find relief from all sorts of ailments through the use of acupressure and other natural remedies like essential oils. If you want to delve deeper into the world of natural healing, check out our wearable acupressure tool or visit our blog.